Planetary Turbolaser

Planetary turbolasers are common surface-based weapons that fire supercharged bolts of destructive energy into low orbit.  When deployed in sufficient numbers, they prove a deadly deterrent to planetary sieges and are capable of reducing enemy fleets to drifting hulks and debris in a matter of hours.

With a power output nearly four times that of the KDY Ion Cannon, the KDY w-165 Planetary Turbolaser is one of the most powerful turbolasers ever built.  Its sustained volleys can destroy even an Imperial Star Destroyer, ripping through armor plating to pierce the ship's vulnerable main reactor and cause a titanic explosion that can literally rip apart one of these massive battle cruisers.

The  w-165 requires a crew of nearly fifty, including soldiers, technicians, computer operators, engineers, and gunners.  A permanent platform houses the turbolaser, crew stations, and power core.  The platform's defenses include four meters of permacite armor and dozens of deflector screen projectors designed to block turbolaser blasts, proton bombs, and other heavy ordnance.

Sensor arrays - located on the platform and at sensor stations or orbital satellites - feed data to the targeting computers.  Rotation gears slowly move the turbolaser into position, making continuos adjustments for pinpoint accuracy.  The turbolaser's reactor core is over fifty meters in diameter and allows the weapon to fire once every ten seconds.  With each shot, the energy processed through the actuator would power a large city for an entire day.

Because of the turbolaser's limited fire vectors, planets often use several of them and are normally part of a larger defensive network that typically includes Ion Cannons and Planetary Shields.  Despite the incredible costs, most governments consider this a wiser expenditure than the millions of causalities resulting from an enemy attack.

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