Planetary Defense Station

Planetary Defense Stations have been around since the beginings of the Old Republic.  They are the highest and best line of defense against enemy forces.  They are large enough to engage almost any ship one-on-one and emerge victorous from the confrontation.  It usually requires a small task force of ships and fighters to take out one of these large stations.

Designed to defend the planetary system against smaller enemy fleets, and later even single Imperial Star Destroyers, these stations are massive and bristling with firepower.  Heavy Turbolasers, quad-lasers cannons, and Ion batteries are used to repulse the attack.  Along with hanger bays holding nine starfighter squadrons, these defense stations are more than a match for pirates and renegade outlaws as well.

Defense Stations come in all shapes and sizes, depending the designer and specifications set by the government comissioning the production of the station.  The typical New Republic stations (shown above) are based off the Imperial designs although they are more for holding off Imperial assaults as evacuation can commence (if needed). The Imperial stations (shown right), although similar in design, are also used for holding soliders and equipment for rapid deployment to the surface to quell any uprisings and riots. The Corporate Sector's are similar in design and function to their Imperial counterparts.  The Hapan defense stations are capable of dishing out and receiving an expectional amount of punishment, and some are even reported as being mobile and transferable to a needed system at any time.

Defense Stations are usually situated in the middle regions of a planetary system, or within a nearby orbital route of the major populated planet.  Usually placed as system defense along with an outer inspection platform, together the defenses can screen and eliminate all possible threats to planetary governments.  However, defense stations are expensive and costly, allowing only wealthier worlds the added security they offer.

CRAFT:  DataStar Republic Planetary Orbitor
TYPE:  Planetary Defense Station
SCALE:  Capital Ship

LENGTH: 3,000 meters
CREW: 75,425
PASSENGERS: 15,000 troops

HULL:  200 RU
MAX SPEED: maneuvering jets only (immobile)

100 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
    30 front
    20 left
    20 right
30 rear

                  100 Turbolaser Batteries
    25 front
    25 left
    25 right
25 rear

                 50 Quad-laser Cannons
    25 left
    25 right

            50 Ion Cannons
    25 front
    25 rear

                    15 Tractor Beam Projectors
    6 front
    2 left
    2 right
    5 rear

100 Concussion Missile Tubes
(2 Missiles Each)

25 Proton Torpedo Launchers
(2 Torpedos Each)

5 Warhead Launchers
(1 Warhead Each)

108 Fighters = 9 Squadrons
3 Fighter Class Squadrons
3 Escort Class Squadrons
3 Bomber Class Squadrons