Inspection Platform


Inspection platforms have a long standing tradition of being the first line of planetary defense, and sometimes, the only line. These small platforms are usually situated at the outskirts of the system, along the major jump route. All passing ships entering the system must exit here for proper custom approval. Any ships jumping further in-system are considered hostile and engaged by defense forces.

Platforms contain a small fighter squadron, capable of engaging any smugglers or pirates harassing in or outbound traffic. They are also armed with turbolasers, ION cannons, and quad-laser cannons to protect itself and other merchant ships in the area. The platforms are excellent against pirates/smugglers, and although not designed to withstand a major invasion force, they do hold their own until defense fleets can arrive to assist.

Inspection platforms come in all shapes and sizes, each designed for a slightly different task. The New Republic's Deep Space Platforms (shown above) are designed more for use against smuggler/pirates. However, the Imperial platforms, although similar in design, are used for holding soldiers and equipment for rapid deployment to quell the nearby rioting areas. The Hapan inspection platforms (shown right) may look weak, but are capable of dishing out and receiving an exceptional amount of punishment. Whatever the governing body, or the cause, inspection platforms are a major asset to the system they protect, sometimes providing the difference between order or anarchy.

CRAFT:       Nuvotel Star Work's Inspection/Custom Area     
TYPE:        Inspection Platform                            
SCALE:       Capital Ship                                   
LENGTH:      600 meters                                     
CREW:        100-300                                        
HULL:         80 RU                                         
SHIELDS:     160 SBD                                        
MAX SPEED:   maneuvering jets only (immobile)               
HYPERDRIVE:  none                                           
             10 Turbo Laser Batteries                       
                 placed evenly around platform              
             10 Quad Laser Cannons                          
                 placed evenly around platform              
             10 ION Cannons                                 
                 placed evenly around platform              

              5 Tractor Beam Projectors                     
                 placed evenly around platform              

              5 Concussion Missile Launchers                
                 (2 Missiles each)                     

              5 Proton Torpedo Launchers                    
                 (2 Torpedoes each)                     

6 Fighters = One Squadron

1 Fighter Class Squadron