Golan II Weapons Platform

The original Golan platforms date back to the dawn of the Old Republic. Mighty Battle Cruisers whose engines had been damaged, destroyed, or just stripped down for parts were hauled into orbit over a planet. With a working weapons system, these derelict craft found new life repelling pirates and smugglers from orbit. And succeeded in filling a huge void in planetary defense.

Today's Golan platforms are especially designed weapon stations, intent on the same task as thousands of years ago, repel any hostiles from the system. To accomplish this task, a very large platform was designed, with numerous weaponry surrounding it at every angle. Large turbolaser batteries to damage even the largest capital ships, along with torpedo launchers for extra damage after shields collapsed.


Multiple quad-laser cannons are present to repel enemy starfighters, along with concussion missile launchers for added power. Tractor beams projectors and Ions also line the platform's hull, enabling them to hold and capture anyone found trying to get past. Each crew member mans a cannon or battery, rotating in shifts to remain alert. Those not on duty usually relax in the small living quarters.


Golans have been extremely successful, which is why they have endured for so long. They were used to repel Grand Admiral Thrawn's attack on the Sluis Van Shipyards, and more recently, the New Republic's own attack at the Kuat Shipyards. They also held their own against the Alliance Fleet's first attack at Coruscant, until the power of the sun was redirected at them using the orbital mirrors.

CRAFT: Golan Space Defenses Space Gun TYPE: System Defense Gun SCALE: Capital Ship LENGTH: 1,231 meters CREW: 500 HULL: 140 RU SHIELDS: 250 SBD MAX SPEED: maneuvering jets only (immobile) HYPERDRIVE: none WEAPONS: 50 Turbo Laser Batteries placed evenly around platform 50 Quad Laser Cannons placed evenly around platform 10 ION Cannons placed evenly around platform 10 Tractor Beam Projectors placed evenly around platform 15 Concussion Missile Launchers (2 Missiles each) 15 Proton Torpedo Launchers (2 Torpedoes each) FIGHTERS: