More of a "Police Force" than a fleet, the Corporate Sector's Picket Fleet is used primarily for interdiction and anti-pirating/smuggling campaigns.  The fleet uses an odd mix of older archaic ships and more modern vessels.  However, they are still a match for smaller freighters and smuggling vessels, and an effective deterrent against larger military fleets.

Basic Rule of the Picket Fleet
When an Espo cruiser detects any ship in the wrong place at the wrong time, the ship's crew makes every attempt to identify it.  If the ship checks out, then the ship is escorted to a safe system.  If, on the other hand, the vessel cannot justify its presence adequately, the Espos open fire.  Brutal as it may seem, the policy has proven to be an effect deterrent.

With the advent of new technology and the growth of the Corporate Sector's economy, the ships were a match for even the most powerful Imperial warships.  The additions of the powerful Stenbom Cruiser, the small and fast Exeter Destroyer, and the upgraded and overhauled Trianii RX-11: a floating "planetary" ion cannon in space, are just some of the examples that have been added to the CSA's vast Picket Fleet of Marauder Corvettes.

In the wake of the unprovoked attack by the Hapans, the Corporate Sector's fleet is slowly in the process of rebuilding. With funds and assistance from the Empire, the Corporate Authority has managed to salvage and repair enough ships to provide adequate defense against both smugglers and pirates alike.

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