Invincible Dreadnaught

These mammoth ships were first designed over 3,000 years ago, and few inspiration from the titanic battle cruisers from the eras of Xim the Despot and the Alsakan Conflicts.  At the time, it was one of the largest battle cruisers in the Old Republic fleet.  For their time, these ships were an amazing feat of engineering.  They were equipped with weapons that could shred any ship of their time.  These two-kilometer long vessels were feared throughout the civilized worlds.

However, the pace of technological advancement outdated the Invincibles within a few decades.  Space fleet policy shifted from large battle platforms, like the Invincibles, to smaller, faster cruisers.  The Invincibles were retired and history marched on.

Now, these ancient ships find service and new life within the Corporate Sector Authority.  Once again, battle fleet philosophy has shifted toward larger weapons platforms such as Imperial Star Destroyers and Battlestars.

The Authority decided upon the Invincibles for a number of reasons.  One was cost: ships that were three millennia behind the cutting edge of technology were not in high demand for any modern navy.  Second, was the mission profile of the Authority's Picket Fleet:  since these ships would be used mostly to engage in piracy prevention, smuggling interdiction, and system patrol, these ships are perfect for the Authority's needs.  They wouldn't be able to stand up against an Imperial battle cruiser for long, but they were more then sufficient to contain sorry-ass smuggling vessels and tramp freighters.

The ancient ships maintain some of their original running gear, but most have been overhauled and refitted:  weapons, engines, targeting control and shield systems have been substantially upgraded to suit the Authority's needs.  Much to the chagrin of pirates and smugglers at least, the Invincible once again lives up to its name-sake.

CRAFT: Rendili/Vaufthau Shipyards Ltd. Invincible Cruiser
TYPE:  Invincible-Class Heavy Cruiser
COMBAT SCALE:.......... ... Capital Warship
LENGTH: 2,250 meters
CREW: 23,014
PASSENGERS: 7,000 troops
HULL: 200 RU
75 Heavy Turbolasers
50 Turbolasers
100 Ion Cannons
25 front
10 front
30 front
25 left 
20 left
25 left/right
25 right
20 right
20 rear
25 Concussion Missile Tubes
25 Proton Torpedo Launchers 
5 Warhead Launchers 
(2 Missiles Each)
(2 Torpedoes Each) 
(1 Warhead Each) 

10 Tractor Beam Projectors
108 Fighters = 9 Squadrons 
2 Z-95 Rapier squads
1 Gig Bomber squad
2 IRD squads
1 IRD-Advanced squad 
2 Manta squads

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