Exeter Destroyer

Recently, when the Corporate Sector Authority decided that they wished to re-negotiate their business affairs with the rest of the galaxy, they noticed that their Picket Fleet, while an excellent deterrent against pirates and smugglers, might not be adequate enough to stop a full-scale military assault.  A vote was narrowly passed to invest in upgrading and modernization their forces.

Among the new warships commissioned was the Exeter-Class Destroyer.  The CSA realized they lacked a powerful medium multi-purpose vessel, such as a Neb B Frigate or an Imperial Strike Cruiser.  These ships were a major vessel within the Empire and the New Republic, often used in situations were rapid deployment was necessary, yet heavy firepower was still required.  The Exeter-Class Destroyer filled both those needs and more.  They have now become a major vessel within the Picket Fleet and are often seen over many CSA worlds as their main line of defense.

Equipped with powerful turbolasers, lasers, ion cannons, tractor beams, and capable of holding two starfighter squadrons, these vessels are more than a match for any pirate group, and usually able to hold their own against slightly larger vessels until reinforcements can arrive to assist.

CRAFT: Rendili Star Drive's Exeter-Class Destroyer
TYPE:  Exeter-Class Destroyer
COMBAT SCALE:  Capital Warship
LENGTH: 425 meters
CREW: 2112
PASSENGERS: 340 troops
HULL: 100 RU
25 Turbolaser Batteries
10 Laser Cannons
10 Ion Cannons
5 front
5 left
5 front
10 left 
5 right
5 rear
10 right
10 Tractor Beam Projectors
24 Fighters = 2 Squadrons
1 Z-95 Rapier squad
1 IRD squad

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