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Invincible Dreadnaught 2250 meters

It is a period of profits and opportunity

Once more the galaxy is in chaos. And once more the Corporate Sector Authority stands ready to profit. After the death of Emperor Palpatine and the collapse of the Empire, the CSA plummeted into a period of severe financial depression. Investors and corporations withdrew funding, the stock market crashed, banks and businesses loyal to the Empire went bankrupt or were seized by the Alliance. Profits dropped drastically and citizens actually dared to challenge the Authority's right to govern. The CSA was forced to seal their borders from outsiders and to withdraw from galactic matters in order to solve their own internal conflicts. For years, the Corporate Sector was on the verge of monetary collapse.

Corporate Sector SymbolThat was until a young, aspiring man advanced through corporate dealings to the position of Vice-Prex. Mirkovig Hirken III refused to sit by as the Direx Board attempted to salvage their own fortunes and estates. He began making illicit dealings and business transactions with the New Republic, opened trade to outsiders, and slowly reopened the stock market. The CSA steadily began climbing out of deficit. Then the unthinkable happened. The Empire returned and the New Republic crumbled.

Hirken immediately began dealings with the new Emperor. Contracts and treaties were signed with Lord Monarch. New manufacturing and mining deals were drawn for much needed raw materials and ores. Hirken rose to Prex as wealth and power was restored to the Corporate Authority.

Hirken wasn't content to just have dealings with the Empire, so he began making side deals with the Alliance - purchases of ships, fighters and safe passage from Imperial forces - all to the Alliance at highly inflated prices. The profits continued to soar as Hirken became Executive Officer and chairman of the Direx Board. Years later, Hirken retired into wealth and luxury.

Numerous Executive Officers have come and gone since then, with varying periods of loss. James Tinakin, a former Imperial Grand Moff, raised profits to soaring new levels before eventually retiring. Following Tinakin, a brief recession occurred during a Dark Jedi's self-appointed tenure - he embezzled millions of credits before leaving to parts unknown.

The current Executive Officer, Zal Lorrus, committed the Corporate Sector into a war against the Hapes Consortium. A war he thought they could easily win and one which would increase profits. Through deception and trickery, the Hapans managed to destroy the Corporate war effort before the campaign even got under way.

Now, on the verge of bankruptcy, the CSA is selling off its assets in hopes of retaining a portion of its power and wealth. Hopefully, through powerful and intellectual businessman, the Corporate Sector Authority will continue to thrive, increasing profits by downsizing. As they climb out of this unfortunate miscalculation, expect the CSA to play both warring factions against the other once again.

The future is lucrative, but someone must always profit...


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