Every month, Galaxy Force honors its best members and writers here with special awards. Weather it be for outstanding valor in a space battle or a great storyline as a Jedi, if there is anyone special you want to honor for outstanding work in the club, please E-Mail me ( and tell others to do the same. At the end of every month the player with the most votes gets honored, and awarded with numerous goodies and treats on the web and sent for their personal enjoyment.

This month, we're honoring one of the oldest members of the club.

Susan K Doyle

Yes, my wife. Without her, there probably wouldn't BE a Galaxy Force RPG. She helps the club more than anyone could possible realize. She is my Co-GM, my Force GM, my Fringe Ruling GM, and my Story GM. As a player, she leads the Light Jedi, is an Alliance Ambassador, plays a Dark Jedi, controls the Hapes Consortium, leads the Penstar Alignment, along with playing a smuggler group and a fighter pilot.

I appreciate her help more than I can say. She helps take my mind away from the stress and bickering of the game. She has helped lessen my workload and enabled me to focus more on major rulings and with my own writing. She forces me to do my own writing. She deserves this award more than anyone in the club, and it's about time she got recognized for it. Thank you my love, for everything.

May the Force be with you, always.

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