Every month, Galaxy Force honors its best members and writers here with special awards. Weather it be for outstanding valor in a space battle or a great storyline as a Jedi, if there is anyone special you want to honor for outstanding work in the club, please E-mail me and tell others to do the same. At the end of every month the player with the most votes gets honored, and awarded with numerous goodies and treats on the web and sent for their personal enjoyment.

This month, we're combining May & June since I've been a little lax in my duties. First off, for the month of May we honor a member who has been consistient and hard working in the club. He tries to get involved and active, using multiple characters and numerous storylines. He is sometimes overlooked in the greater scheme, but has been a valuable member of this club.

Michael Motta

Mike's done a great job, from everything to being Imperial Grand Moff Sithan Kane, to using diplomats & ambassadors to create a conspiracy storyline within the New Republic. He will be creating an Imperial Representative to play on the Chevron shortly. Thanks Mike, we appreciate all your efforts.

Now for our current member for June. This month we honor a member who is fairly new to Galaxy Force, but has strived to become an asset to this club. And he has succeeded. When the club was slow and inactive during the month of May, he tried to keep it going, mostly alone. He refused to give up on us and the club. And now it is our turn to thank him. With his newest promotion within the club, and with a new home and responsibilities on Delphi. He has done a great job for us.

Mark Hafez

Mark (aka: Alex Tele) is our new main Jedi Instructor who has been teaching our Jedi students since Kasia has been busy as ambassador and liason for the Chevron. He was recently promoted to Jedi Master and has done a great job training the next group of Jedi. Keep up the great work Mark, we couldn't do it without you.

May the Force be with you both, always.

February's Honors: Mathew Waldrop & Mathew Wiggins

March's Honors: Susan Doyle

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