Every month, Galaxy Force honors its best members and writers here with special awards. Weather it be for outstanding valor in a space battle or a great storyline as a Jedi, if there is anyone special you want to honor for outstanding work in the club, please E-mail me and tell others to do the same. At the end of every month the player with the most votes gets honored, and awarded with numerous goodies and treats on the web and sent for their personal enjoyment.

Member Honors for July. This month we're honoring a member who I never thought would ever win this. We've had our problems, our differences, and our occasional agreements. I've even had to suspend him from Galaxy Force twice for disrupting gameplay and causing problems. And now, it's my turn to pat him on the back for a job very well done.

Jack Calvert

Since his return and our move over to Delphi, Jack has posted numerous, numerous notes, and many stories throughout each of the factions. He is dedicated to Galaxy Force and getting involved wherever he can in the club. C'boath's training of the newer younger members has kept the Dark Jedi Area alive and currently one of the most active areas on the forum. Congrats again. Keep up the good work and I won't have to suspend you a third time. =)

May the Force be with you both, always.

February '98 Honors: Matt Waldrop & Matt Wiggins

March '98 Honors: Susan Doyle

May & June '98 Honors: Michael Motta & Mark Hafez

July '98 Honors: Jack Calvert

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