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Republic Battlestar 2200 meters

It is a period of galactic war

Princess Leia Organa SoloThe galaxy continues to be thrown into civil unrest. Two generations have passed since the Battle of Endor. Fifteen years ago, the Empire reformed, emerging with as much power and destruction not seen since Palpatine. A powerful new Emperor, Lord Monarch, struck at the heart of the Republic, reclaiming Coruscant once more, leaving Leia Organa Solo and countless others dead in his wake.

DeVon DoyleThe New Republic collapsed. The shards of resistance, under the reluctant leadership of DeVon Doyle, fled into hiding on Mrykr and became a Rebel Alliance once again. Doyle continued to strike at the Empire, liberating worlds and gaining support to continue the fight for freedom. Through many hardships and courageous perseverance, Monarch was slain. But other powerful tyrants like Warlord Peters quickly rose to fill the empty throne.

Now forty-four years after the death of Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star, a new Galactic Alliance has been firmly established and unified. It is governed from the beautiful and peaceful world of Aimer. DeVon Doyle, a respected and recognized military hero, served as its first Chief of State for over a decade before stepping down.

The two warring factions, the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire, now face each other on equal grounds, in political intrigue, and sheer military might. May justice and freedom prevail, restoring peace to the Galaxy.

The future is uncertain, but the struggle continues...


Alliance Capital: Aimer
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