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Last modified: February 2nd, 2012

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Galaxy Force is a Star Wars-based RPG. The club takes place 45 years after Return of the Jedi. We utilize other sci-fi & fantasy elements within GF as well.

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Watch for more pages coming up soon: character bios, planet info, and more on the timeline with updates for both Galaxy Force & Star Wars histories.
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We are currently working on member bios.
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Galaxy Force turned thirteen years old in June!! Happy Birthday!!!

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Interesting Club Links

Want to know how a Gunship compares in size to an MC90? Check out the Rebel Fleet Reference.
Look how small that Skipray really is next to an ICSD. Imperial Fleet Reference.

Other External Links

Check out the StormHaven for links to Bios of several GF characters.

If you are a GF member with a club-related site, then email me & it will be added.


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